Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thrifty Find of the Week

Everyone loves a good thrift find, right?
Here's my newest favorite. A vintage metal mum brooch:
It's so fun to wear! At $3, if Z slimes it (or even breaks it--though that would be a sad day) I won't be devastated. I can't say that for my Lia Sophia jewelry!

Unlike most of the other vintage enameled jewelry that I've found at thrift stores, this one has no nicks or scratches (yet). So far I have worn it as a brooch (duh) and as a necklace connecter (off to the side ala--Emma Pillsbury). It would also look super cute as a hair clip or on a knitted beanie. 

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Country's Mama said...

It would look cute as a hair clip. You are so good at finding bargains.