Friday, November 26, 2010

Bonnet with eyelash yarn.

Last winter I saw this and loved the look of it. At the time, we had no kids and the $50 price tag was a little steep. Fast forward 12 months and my sister and I both have babies. Mine is a boy--but her baby is a girl. Again, though--the $50 price tag.

Then I saw this at Prudent Baby. PERFECT! After a trip to the store for some warm fuzzy yarn and eyelash yarn I had everything that I needed.
 The pattern on Prudent Baby does not call for a chin strap. I added that in. Also: if you aren't big on patience--do not use the eyelash yarn. It tangles and snags and half the time the stitches are impossible to see. However, the fuzzyness of the eyelash yarn does hide a multitude of sins.
She's a ham.

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Anonymous said...

That first picture is adorable! Oh, those eyes! Cute hat, too.