Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Faves

Today I was going to finish sewing a project. However, a cranky baby who didn't want to sleep for longer than 15 minutes in his crib put that on hold. Instead, I'll share my recently found favorite websites:

The Pioneer Woman. This site covers some of my favorite things: cooking, photography, and gardening. There is also a homeschooling section (not planning on going that route since we have a good school through our church--but still interesting), a "confessions" section (since I grew up on a farm I can relate to a lot of the things she talks about here). FUN and THIS is going to be my next baking/cooking experiment. How cool are those butterfly wings?

Sew A Straight Line Has great ideas! I love her bag tutorials and plan to try one soon. As soon as the baby takes a long nap.

This isn't a link but I really like the idea of oilcloth. A lot of the oilcloth I've been able to find online is rather dated. However, HOWEVER! This line of Amy Butler's is something that I can get excited about.


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